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Warren Shea

Things change…Part II

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 at 1:40 am

I’ve been watching this Persona anime and I’m finding it’s been really bad/boring. Actually, I found X-Men Anime bad and boring to. I thought it was because they were simply bad shows but…I think my standards just got higher.

Some of the first animes I ever watched were Initial D, Get Backers, Hikaru no Go, Gate Keepers, S-cry-ed.
Initial D and Hikaru no Go hold up, I could watch any episode now and still love it.
Get Backers and Gate Keepers, I must have watched over and over and over and over again. I loved them so much. But…I don’t really watch them anymore. I still think parts of Get Backers is good (the first 25 eps), but not all of it is great (actually, it starts to get bad as soon as it starts deviating from the manga, so that’s probably why). And Gate Keepers was one of my favourite animes before but I’m finding now that it’s pretty generic.

Actually, I’m realizing that Persona is almost exactly like Gate Keepers in terms of storyline flow. 2-3 characters introduced in the first 3 episodes. A new character joins each episode afterwards, joining the ensemble. The final team is realized. A few episodes of character development and/or filler. The climax / epic battle. Is Persona really awful because I’ve seen it before (as Gate Keepers)? Is it awful because it’s like Gate Keepers but worse? Or is it simply awful because I’m no longer 20 and I simply don’t like the same stuff anymore. What, the highschool anime kids aren’t as relate-able to me anymore? Probably. And that makes me feel sad. And old.

But I’m also not the same person who’s so….crazy anime fan anymore. The person that, if I met now, would probably be like ‘umm, ur weird, i’m gonna go stand over here now’ *walks away*. I sometimes cringe at the eager, ultra enthusiastic person I used to be but I don’t regret it. That was me then and this is me now.

I mean, look at this list of things I bought at FanExpo ONLY TWO YEARS AGO

….actually, that’s a bad example because the only things I bought there, that I wouldn’t buy now are 2 DC Ame-comi figures. I’d probably have purchased everything else.
Damn, I thought I would have been like “I would only buy 10% of this stuff”. Okay, maybe things haven’t changed that much in 2 years.

….but in 10, definitely :)


The problem with getting older is a lack of time. You have a full time job now. You come home and many days, you’re exhausted. You have family and friends to be with. And you have your own projects. You simply don’t have the time to waste on bad shows. You have to use your time effectively. So maybe the reason these shows bother me so much is that I know there’s better stuff out there. I’m just not watching it….and I’m too OCD to leave it unfinished.

Honestly, I want kids. I’ve always wanted kids. But right now, I don’t want kids. Because kids eat up your time. You’re no longer just you. You have a priority that takes far more precedence than yourself. You learn to be more selfless. Less selfish. And that scares the personal side of me. Because I love things as they are now. I want kids. Eventually. I just want to still live the loving couple life. Not the loving family life. Not yet at least.

2 Responses to “Things change…Part II”

  1. Mark says:

    I think the problem with Persona anime is that its not the original medium :P The Persona series thrives best in its original RPG video game format. Adaptations / spin-offs have always been kind of hit & miss in terms of quality vs the original.

    Madoka, Steins; Gate, and Ano Hana are my picks for 2011 anime.

  2. warrenshea says:

    Very true Mark. Persona IS based off a game. Valid point.

    Still, the Gundam Seed manga and Gate Keepers manga were not very good but the animes turned out well.

    I plan to watch Madoka and Steins; Gate at some point. I’ve heard of both, I even have a figure of Kurisu Makise cuz her design “enchanted” me :) Never heard of Ano Hana.

    Wow, just looked up Steins; Gate on Anime News Network. That’s possibly the most ridiculously well-rated anime I’ve ever seen:

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