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Warren Shea

Vacation Timeline (Updated)

Thursday, October 28th, 2010 at 2:45 am

Decided to make a new post, my other one was falling too low/off the page:

To Do

Secret Project 1 – ;idwqruhgy (that’s code) (high priority – 10)
Secret Project 2 – obfwrs/xpn (that’s code too) (high priority – 10)
Study. Study. Study. ASP.NET. HTML 5. CSS3 maybe? SQL and LINQ (high priority – 10)
Work of Epic Site, Plan DB, find out how to do the stuff I want to do… (high priority – 10)
Watch Godfather (med priority – 5)
Watch True Blood S3 (med priority – 5)
Watch Dark Angel (again) (med priority – 5)
Maybe draw something… (low priority – 3)
Convert VHS to DVD (low priority – 3)
New theme for (low priority – 3)
Watch Burn Notice (low priority – 1)
Write Blog Post – What I’m expecting to get/buy in November (low priority – 1)
Write Blog Post – What are my goals for November (low priority – 1)

I’m going to try to follow this schedule and update this post as I do stuff…to stay organized and see where my time is being used. I’ve always found myself a bit of a time waster…for example, 2 hour nap tonight -_-; I’m taking too many naps lately…almost every day. I need to break that.

Friday Night (22)
06:30pm – Leave work
07:00pm – Get home & clean condo
08:00pm – Clean Hamster cage
09:00pm – Surfing the web…
09:30pm – Eat and watch Hikaru no go….too tired to study…mind needs a rest.
11:00pm – Reading
11:45pm – Hikaru no Go
12:00pm – Sleep. Ended at Hikaru no Go 20.

Saturday (23)
03:15pm – Wake up (15.25 hours of sleep -_-;)
03:15pm – Hikaru no Go
04:30pm – Eat
05:00pm – Fall asleep….(nap)
06:45pm – Wake up (1.75 hours of sleep)
06:45pm – Hikaru no Go
09:30pm – Got sidetracked and started reading why the Blue Ranger, David Yost, left the Power Rangers show. Then, started watching the Green Ranger, Jason David Frank, fighting in MMA via youtube…
09:45pm – Hikaru no Go
11:00pm – Hikaru no Go + Eat Dinner
12:00am – Hikaru no Go + Drawing
02:00am – Hikaru no Go + Working (Overtime Release)
04:45am – Drove to work to do something I couldn’t do from home…only to find the door were locked. FML.
05:00am – Got McDonalds Breakfast. They forgot the Sausage in my Sausage McGriddle and 1 of my hashbrowns. WTF WHAT DID I PAY THEM FOR?! FML
05:20am – Came Home. Hikaru no Go + Continued to work.
05:40am – Hikaru no Go. Stopped working. I shouldn’t be drinking/have drank that 1 cream 3 sugar coffee…
06:45am – Hikaru no Go + Started to fix my CGI Timeout issue.
07:15am – Hikaru no Go + Posted my VS CGI Timeout. Wondering when I should sleep….getting tired.
07:45am – Sleep. Ending at Hikaru no Go 52 (watched 32~ episodes today…10+ hours worth -_-;)

Sunday (24)
02:00pm – Woke up (6 hours of sleep)
02:00pm – Hikaru no Go + Work
02:30pm – Hikaru no Go
03:30pm – Nap
04:30pm – Wake up (1 hour of sleep)
04:30pm – Video Conf. with brother to fix his Internet Explorer….spent 1 hour trying to get my mic working so we could webcam…when all he did was call me for a 2 minute conversation. He was too cheap to spend long-distance on 2 minutes….and I wasted an hour. F*CK.
05:30pm – Hikaru no Go + Installing some software/organizing files
08:30pm – Hikaru no Go + Photoshopping around

I was drawing and then I realized I’m not a fan of drawing, my art strength isn’t as great as I remember…and that’s why I like doing digitial art. There’s history, layers, and tons of tools to use. So I took this image and..well, traced it. But turned it from a Get Backers Himiko to a Catwoman from the Batman: TAS….with an orange flare to it. I’m pretty happy with it considering the time, effort and concentration used for it (I was watching Hikaru no Go the whole time).

12:15am – Hikaru no Go
12:30am – Finished Hikaru no Go (watched 23 episdoes + 1 movie)
12:30am – Organizing files, watching Neon Genesis Stuff (This Blu Ray stuff is sick…can’t wait for the series to come out)
03:00am – Sleep

Monday (25)
09:30am – Wake up…hopefully.
12:00pm – Wake up (9 hours of sleep) + General Internet Surfing
12:30pm – Dexter ep 4 and 5 + Secret Project 1 – ;idwqruhgy
02:15pm – Took out some trash
02:30pm – Starting building some ikea furniture….while watching Dark Angel (in preparation for the novels i’m gonna read)
Edit: Got sidetracked, while putting in the Dark Angel Disc, I decided to watch some How To Train Your Dragon again…
03:15pm – Dark Angel + Ikea Furniture
04:45pm – Cleaning, rearranging items in the condo to fit the new furniture
05:30pm – Dark Angel + Eating
06:00pm – Dark Angel
07:00pm – Nap
07:45pm – Wake up
07:45pm – Smallville – S10 E05 – Isis
08:45pm – Big Bang Theory – S04 E05 – The Desperation Emanation
09:10pm – The Office US – S07E05 – The Sting
09:40pm – Organizing Music Files (yes, I did this for 2+ hours…)
12:00am – Cook some fish…
12:00am – Watched Smallville – S06E11 – Justice
01:00am – Sleep

Tuesday (26)
09:00am – Wake up/Get Ready to go to Ikea/Random Surfing
10:00am – Leave for Ikea
11:30am – Went to Anime Xtreme, bought myself a Gundam toy
12:00pm – Home, got caught up reading:, my gf’s friend’s bro’s webcomic. It’s pretty good!!
12:30pm – Build Ikea Furniture….
12:45pm – Skimmed through Power Rangers: The Movie on NetFlix….wow, is that a bad movie…..I wonder if I watched it in theatres?
01:00pm – Build Ikea Furniture + Watching White Men Can’t Jump on NetFlix
02:30pm – Put stuff into the new Ikea shelves
03:15pm – Make some eggs and eat ’em
03:30pm – Trying to get Subcategories to show up in my WordPresss…. I DUNNO WHY IT NO WORK!
04:30pm – Recategorizing stuff….and blogging…
05:45pm – Opening toy….
06:15pm – Leaving for Dufferin Mall
09:00pm – Finally home. Skimmed through The Wizard (1989) and Balls of Fury.
10:00pm – Played Tetris Attack (SNES) for a bit while troubleshooting my PC -> PS3 media files…
11:00pm – Watch House – S07E04 –
11:45pm – Watch House – S07E05 –
12:30am – Watch How I Met Your Mother -S06E05 –
01:00am – Watch How I Met Your Mother -S06E06 –
01:30am – Blog/Recategorize Posts
03:00am – Sleep….finish re-categorizing tomorrow…maybe

Wednesday (27)
11:00am – Wake up, re-categorize posts
11:45am – Started watching Shutter Island while organizing my posts
01:45pm – Finished Shutter Island
01:45pm – Watching Remember Me….need to start organizing my posts again
04:00pm – Watching Balls of Fury
06:00pm – Watching Multiplicity
0~~~pm – ??
09:30pm – Waking up from 2(?) hour nap!?! I think I was drugged.
09:30pm – Watching Back to the Future Blu Ray, organizing Categories for my site
01:00am – Messing around with Halloween Costume
02:30am – General Site Updates
03:00am – Working on Blog Post (will post tomorrow)
05:00am – Sleep

Thursday (28)
12:30pm – Wake up, start watching True Blood, blogging my Things I Own – Things I WTB
03:30pm – Watching True Blood/chatting + Made some pasta
05:00pm – Watching True Blood + Organizing my toy shelves
06:00pm – Watching Back to the Future + Organizing my toy shelves
09:00pm – Watching True Blood + Making a few galleries
11:00pm – Nap
12:00am – Watching True Blood + Random Motivated Photo: Psylocke and Kakashi
01:00am – Watching True Blood + New theme….
06:30am – Sleep……..True Blood S3 Complete (in 1 day)….frig, these episodes are long!

Friday (29)
01:00pm – Wake up (6.5 hours of sleep) + General surfing
01:15pm –

Costume – Photoshop logo design/print
Finish Costume
9:00pm – Work (ETF)
11:00pm – Finish Work

Saturday (30)
8:00pm – Benny’s Halloween Party

Sunday (31)
1:00am – Sleep

Monday (1)
7:45am – Wake up

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