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Warren Shea

Ugh, it’s been a rough week…

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011 at 6:38 pm

I didn’t really wanna write about this but I figure….I just will. This month could use more blog posts >_< I’m sitting at an all-time low! Single digits low! About a week ago, a small canker sore developed on my tonsil. Yes, it wasn’t the lip like usual, where I can treat it. It was on the tonsil, far down the hatch, unable to do anything but let it develop. Anyways, throughout the last week, it’s gone huge the point of…well, constant pain. It’s like someone mildly pinching you…ALL THE TIME. But when you swallow…swallow water, food, saliva, anything (and we’re talking about once a minute, give or take), it’s like the pinch gets hard and painful for a moment. And, now that it’s worse, I find it’s affecting my inner ear… It sucks ass. Imagine trying to fall asleep and you do a natural swallow of saliva…and the pinch of pain just wakes you up. Also, when you wake up…and this pinch of pain shoots you awake. I’ve been on edge for days…I’ve been generally way more irritable than usual. Top that off with work drama, work stress, staying at work later than usual, Captain America….I’ve been running on low, rough sleep…. Everything just sucks ass…and I believe it’s mostly because of this canker sore. In a week, when it hopefully heals, hopefully I’ll be back to normal. This has honestly been worse than being sick for a week, or having the flu or a week….cuz I’m still going to work, I look fine…but…argh, the pain is just nagging and annoying. I can’t talk, and I’m just generally pissed at everything. Like I said in Twitter, I feel like the Lion with a thorn in his paw. I can see why that lion was so pissed all the time. It f*cking sucks.

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