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Warren Shea

My weekend…

Sunday, July 14th, 2013 at 2:07 am

…has not been nearly as relaxing as I would have liked so far.

Went karaoking with friends on Friday night at 9pm. Lasted til about 3:30am. Slept at 4ish only to wake up at 10:30am to get ready and take care of my niece and nephew.
Did so this Saturday (today). Got McDonalds for lunch (more on that later), watched Rise of the Guardians and Wreck-it-Ralph with them while playing with my old Legos from my high school days. Then went to get Froyo at Yoyos, played some Wii (Kirby: Return to Dreamland and Mario Kart Wii) and got some Pizzaiolo for dinner. Drove them back to their parents home, came back and cleaned up. And now it’s 2am. And I’m freaking exhausted.

FYI – At McDonalds, when throwing my garbage away, I accidentally threw my car keys away into the McDonalds garbage can. Ugh. I only noticed minutes later, when I got to my car and couldn’t find my keys. I went back to the garbage and peered in a bit. Fortunately, when I threw stuff away, the garbage was already pretty full. Anyways, looked into the garbage for my keys, moved a couple of boxes and papers (ew!) and saw them :S Grabbed them…and was extraordinarily happy and felt fortunate to find them without having to go garbage rummaging. “Lucky”, I thought. Generally, I’m pretty careful with stuff but I was a bit frazzeled, taking care of the kids. It’s…not easy. And I thought being a manager was tough, watching over kids is….much more nerve racking.

Plan to work tomorrow, all day. Have a massage at 3:15pm tomorrow….excited for that cuz I’ve been brutally busy lately. I need to relax.

That’s it for now. Also, still playing some Animal Crossing but damn, I realize some people (as I visit their homes) are WAY ahead of me. It’s scary how much they have. Didn’t really realize the depth of this game. People are HARDCORE.

Anyways, enough outta me. 2am and I feel like it’s 6am. Gnite!

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