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Warren Shea

Should I resurrect The Secret Project KB?

Sunday, September 1st, 2013 at 11:39 pm

When I left my Secret Project KB a few months ago, it wasn’t doing that well…some traffic, but overall nothing much.
I’ve started noticing more traffic to it lately….

(April 2012 to August 2013)

It’s not a huge spike but it’s pretty good overall.

One thing I did notice is that a few months ago, when googling “Kotobukiya Bishoujo”, my site wouldn’t come up for pages. Like, til page 3 or 5 or something I think.

Right now, that google phrase makes it come up #4. #4 !
It’s currently:
Kotobukiya USA
My site!

… site is currently beating Amazon for this phrase!

I’m wondering, given that people are going to it more often, that maybe I should resurrect it.

I haven’t had much time for anything – my personal life has been kinda sh!tty lately (not cuz of problems, I mean cuz I don’t have time for anything lately) – but I’d like to go back and revisit my web projects.

Anyways, just some thoughts…. :)

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