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Warren Shea

Random Motivated Photo: Psylocke and Kakashi

Friday, October 29th, 2010 at 1:55 am

Psylocke + Kakashi

Click the image for an HQ.

So, I bought this Psylocke and Kakashi toy around the same time and when I was taking photos of them individually, I put them together and….their poses worked really well together. They’re also both ninjas, from two different universes (Psylocke from the Marvel Universe, Kakashi from the Naruto Universe) and I dunno, I thought it was kinda kool.

And also, Psylocke’s a girl, Kakashi’s a dude…so I also thought why not, they’ll be in a romantic relationship…and fight off hordes of zombies   foot clan ninjas any picture of many ninjas i could find (it was a lot harder than i thought)

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