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Saturday, February 1st, 2014 at 1:04 am

Just saw Disney’s Frozen due to two of my Facebook friends constantly talking about it – and man, it was SO. GOOD. I’m shocked how high the quality of this movie was…if this is a sign of the quality in Disney’s future, I an SO ON BOARD. WOW!

This song was clearly the best song of the movie – but they were all quite good!

Here’s “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel.

Idina Menzel also did other songs like “Defying Gravity” with Kristen Chenoweth.

Unfortunately, both songs above require context to fully appreciate. While seeing Frozen is pretty likely, seeing Wicked is less likely :( Oh wellz.

Also – I knew Kristen Bell could sing but I didn’t know she could sing so well, she totally surprised me!

That is all.

Dawson’s Creek End Credits <-- that's the title of the song >_<

Thursday, March 29th, 2012 at 2:04 am

As I said, I’ve been watching Dawson’s Creek again lately. There’s this music that plays at the end of each episode in seasons (2-4? 3-4? i dunno) but I really like it, I actually look forward to listening to this when each episode ends.

FYI it’s only 30 listen to it a few times!

I don’t know…why, but I get this emotional feeling when I listen to it. Maybe it’s nostalgia, maybe it’s how I relate to this show but as the piano and flute starts up, I feel an urgency…to live life. And a sadness that no amount of life lived can be enough. That time is fleeting…and it makes me…sad. Like there’s a story there…that isn’t finished or that you won’t ever hear. I DON’T KNOW/CAN’T EXPLAIN.

It just gives me an urge…but to do what, I don’t know.

Listening to the song…bums me out. But I can’t stop…there’s something beautiful in it and I just…sigh…I don’t know. Just what?


Adobe Premiere and video editing

Monday, February 20th, 2012 at 4:12 am

That’s why I’m up. I’m waiting for a video to encode. Damn. Even a short 1-3 minute video takes like, 30m to encode. I’ve been encoding for hours this weekend.

Anyways, Gundam Seed has been on my mind lately. Thinking of trying to get this co-worker friend to watch it. She’s a girl’s girl but she liked Naruto back in the day, loved Kakashi…but has sworn off anime since then cuz ‘it never ends’. Well, if she’s referring to Naruto, I don’t blame her (though I still enjoy it). I’ve also been watching anime intros and outros at work lately as I’m sick of my youtube music playlist and I always tend to go back to my anime music once in a while. Anyways, it got me thinking that

a) The Gundam Seed Intros/Outros I playlisted on YouTube were removed :( I don’t wanna look for them agaaaain. (They seem to be removed rather quickly).
b) I don’t have any Gundam Seed Intros/Outros on my iPhone. Why? Honestly, I don’t remember.
c) I have Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny DVDs (legit ones, purchased off eBay).
d) I could rip textless intros/outros of Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny and throw them on my iPhone.

Anyways, following that logic, on a whim, I started this weekend doing the above. And…well, it’s taken me a while to get used to Adobe Premiere. I DO only use it like, once every 2 years, if I’m lucky (no, seriously). But I can do the basics with it such as putting video and audio into it, or mixing audio, or messing with audio volume or fading the music in and out. Anyways. It started out with just a few intros and outros. 7 total for Gundam Seed. But then. I thought “Why not more”. This is the list of anime intros/outros I’ve done this weekend…effectively using up 2/3 of my days.

Gundam Seed Intro 1
Gundam Seed Intro 2
Gundam Seed Intro 3
Gundam Seed Intro 4
Gundam Seed Midtro Akatsuki
Gundam Seed Midtro Meteor
Gundam Seed Outro 1
Gundam Seed Outro 2
Gundam Seed Outro 3
Gundam Seed Destiny Intro 1
Gundam Seed Destiny Intro 2
Gundam Seed Destiny Intro 3
Gundam Seed Destiny Intro 4
Gundam Seed Destiny Midtro Vestiage
Gundam Seed Destiny Outro 1
Gundam Seed Desinty Outro 2
Gundam Seed Destiny Outro 3
Gundam Seed Destiny Outro 4
Naruto – Closer
Hikaru no Go Intro 1
Hikaru no Go Intro 2
Hikaru no Go Intro 3
Hikaru no Go Outro 1
Hikaru no Go Outro 2
Hikaru no Go Outro 3
Hikaru no Go Outro 4
Hikaru no Go Outro 5

I made the word Midtro up….also, there’s a specific reason why I don’t use the words
Opening and Ending
that most people use when describing an anime’s opening and ending. It’s cuz I like to order my files alphabetically so if I have something like
Gundam Seed Ending 1
Gundam Seed Opening 1
it bothers me that Ending is before Opening (and often plays before Opening). So I use Intro/Outro to remedy that problem. I don’t know where I got it from, but I like it.

Tomorrow I have 4 Prince of Tennis OVA Intros and Outros (8 total) to do for the Prince of Tennis Nationals tournament. After that, I’m done.

Going back to which I honestly haven’t touched since Feb 2 (or earlier). I remember cuz I went Karaoke that night, and then have been playing Tiny Tower the other nights.

Oh yeah, there’s something I wanna do on first so I think I’ll do that tomorrow.

One more blog post tonight. Have to catch up (my number of posts is shockingly low this month).

♪ ♫ What can you do when your good isn’t good enough ♬ ♪

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 at 12:28 pm

Click to show

I’ve been listening to this song lately…it’s a…sad song I guess. When I rewatched Glee, listening to this song was really emotional.

“What can you do when your good isn’t good enough? When all that you touch tumbles down?”

These lyrics starting to pop into my head whenever I see someone failing at something.

I’m looking at my peers.

One of them put 100% into a relationship and it still failed.
One of them tries to work really hard but still struggles at their job.
One of them tries to work really hard but doesn’t get recognized for their work.

I’m just listening to this song as those lyrics (the entire song almost) apply themselves everywhere.

When I listen to this song, I think: desperation

Trying impossibly to do, to get or fix something. But maybe you can’t. Not this time.

I’ve dealt with my own share of personal desperate failures in the last few years. Times where I feel desperation…because what I’m doing just isn’t good enough to get what I want or fix situations.

It’s a horrible feeling to have…this desperation. And when I look around me at those who have had or have this feeling, I wonder:
How could they not see it coming?
How could they not prepare for it?

But…I’m guilty of the exact same thing. Sometimes…these situations just happen.

I’ve been thinking hard about myself and that I always need to be prepared.
Prepared to lose things. My girlfriend. My job. My possessions. My family.

Ugh. Even writing that is almost like…admitting that I can lose something. I mean, on one hand I want to be prepared for failure. But on another hand, I should strive for success and failure should never even be an option. I shouldn’t even consider preparing because I *know* I’m not going to fail. But that’s not it…it’s that as much as I try not to fail, sometimes it just happens. That’s the point I guess.

(Knowing you’ll never fail is a confidence and arrogance in yourself that defies logic. A younger me was very guilty of that. Even now, I’m somewhat guilty of it…but I’m more vulnerable now than when I was younger. I have much more to lose.)

So I need to always be on my toes. And make sure I never fall into a situation where this desperation applies to me.
If I lose my job: what do I do? I need to constantly keep my skills up so that I can get another job ASAP. I can’t ever fall behind so much that I don’t have the skill to do something.
If I lose my possessions: what do I do? I need to remember that money and material things aren’t what make my life. And that my family is there to support me.
If I lose my girlfriend: what do I do? I die a horrible death alone. I think this is the one I’m probably least prepared for…

Anyways, this song and the lyrics have been floating around my head lately…seemingly popping up everywhere and applying to everything. I just wanted to…remind everyone that sometimes you fail, despite your best efforts. And that everyone needs to not only be prepared for it, but to accept this reality and be prepared to move past it. To accept that sometimes you fail. To accept that you have to try again.

Don’t Wanna Lose You Now – Backstreet Boys

Friday, August 5th, 2011 at 2:49 am

Don’t Wanna Lose You Now – Backstreet Boys

I can count a handful of people that know this is one of my favorite songs…
I don’t think any song could better express how I felt yesterday than this. As I listened to it now, each lyric like an emotional dagger to my heart. It’s not a happy song, but it’s a hopeful song. A song of overcoming obstacles…a song of desperation, a song of faith, a song of love.

To love someone so much that despite the stupid mistakes you’ve done, despite whatever obstacles you’re faced with, you can overcome it…together. It’s a love I guess I always wished to have, even when I didn’t have it. Something I understood in concept, even without an actual person.

I’ve always liked this song, going back to high school where it was never a single, but still one of my most played song. The song I sang in my singing competition. I hope that when I listen to this in the future, it will remind me of the last few days. I hope it will forever remind me not to be stupid, and not to take what I have for granted.

God, how could I have been so stupid…