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Seriously F*ed for tomorrow

Monday, August 29th, 2011 at 6:30 am

EDIT: I should note that I went to bed at 1:30 and was lying in bed for 5 hours….it’s not like I just decided to try to sleep at 6:30….

It’s 6:30 am.
Usually I wake up around 8:30 for work….
I don’t think 2 hours of sleep is gonna cut it considering i’m still wide awake.

I think I woke up around 3:30pm yesterday…with a 30m nap between then and now.

I decided I’m just gonna start working…leave work 3:30 or 4 or something. Maybe make a fake meeting and just bail. I don’t know….but I don’t/can’t remember the last time I stayed up 24+ hours. And this time, I’m gonna be at work. It’s going to be a verrrrrrrrry interesting day……..

and by interesting, i expect very bad things to happen.

Update: 7:30 – leaving for workkkk! Going to need…TEN coffees.

no, not Koffing…coffee!

/clearly losing it already…

Vacation Day 9 – and so it ends….

Monday, August 29th, 2011 at 12:31 am

This was a good vacation. It wasn’t a great one as I would have preferred less stress and less “to do”. But I more or less stuck to what I had planned to do. I guess I can’t complain about it not being great since I’m the one that made it stressful in the first place.

I didn’t waste my time sleeping 12~ hours a day like usual :P For some reason, I couldn’t wake up past 2-3pm regardless of what time I slept. Well, to be honest, I never slept later than 9am…which is odd for me during a long vacation like this. Usually my sleeping gets progressively worse (later) but this time it stayed more or less on track. So basically, I’d naturally wake up regardless of if I got 6 hours of sleep, or 8…but I couldn’t sleep more than that. I guess all the work hours have taken their toll and I can no longer sleep the hours I used to sleep. That said, I’m always up to the challenge. Maybe next time, I won’t dedicate so much time to working (on personal stuff) for my vacation. Maybe with less stress, I’ll be able to sleep like I used to :)

It was nice to get away from the stupid stress I’d been feeling at work the last few weeks. I know there’s a sh!t load of stuff waiting for me….and the next week and few months are gonna be tough, but this week was really needed…perfectly timed.

Didn’t end up going. Again, the only reason for going and spending what I wanted to spend was for art books, which I got a couple weeks at a store, before the con. This meant going to the con would only result in spending money impulsively. It was probably best I didn’t go. Maybe I’ll go next year if I can be a little smarter with my money this year.

Going out
This is gonna be a weird one to publicly confess. So, I had a rooftop BBQ and went clubbing last last Friday, stayed in last Saturday and Sunday…stayed in Monday and Tuesday…and then Z and I decided to make a stupid challenge…of not leaving the condo for the rest of my vacation….and as it’s Sunday, I feel some sense of weird accomplishment that I actually did it. I did leave the condo….sorta, I went to the balcony to water some plants (that’s technically not leaving the condo), and I went to the trash shute on our floor…but that was as far as I traveled in 9 days.

It kinda sucked cuz there were errands I wanted to run throughout the week….I’ll try to do them this week :)

A couple surprising things –
1. I didn’t go crazy. I had online chats with friends during the week and I saw Z every night….but apart from that, I had no other human interaction. I’m surprised I didn’t go a little batty….I must say, it will be nice to go to work tomorrow, just for the walk outside :)
2. Not sure if I should have expected this or not, but I’m quite content just being alone, with my games and computer. There’s not much else I need to stay content. I can actually spend 9 days alone, without the feeling of needing to go out and do something. I must say, I’m an odd one. I don’t know of anyone that could do what I did….or even, would do it voluntarily.


Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes S01E01 – S01E26 [cartoon]
The Office – Season 7 – S01E01 – S01E26 [show]
Game of Thrones [show] – In Progress – On S01E02
Bourne Identity [movie]
Bourne Supremacy [movie]
Bourne Ultimatum [movie]
King’s Speech (watched 2x) [movie]
The Fighter [movie]
Grease [movie]
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (rewatched) [movie]
Lord of the Rings: Two Towers (rewatched) [movie]
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (rewatched) [movie]
The Professional [movie]
Source Code [movie]
Rio [movie]
Zodiac [movie]
SweeneyTodd [movie]
The Fast and the Furious 5 – FastFive (watched 2x) [movie]
So…I didn’t finish this site. I could have…probably. But it’s okay. I got enough of it done. The rest of it is mostly just

  1. review/revision of writing
  2. bullet points for my previous job descriptions
  3. add to my portfolio section
  4. not related, but fix up resume

There are 5 sections: home, resume, portfolio, contact, more. So 3 of the sections are pretty much done. The last two days, as my vacation was winding down, I just wanted to relax…so I didn’t work on much. Again, the big thing I had to do was the Portfolio section, and the backend of the Contact section, which are both mostly done.

Man, I totally got hooked on XML. For anything consistently the same format, XML/AJAX is awesome!

Anyways, I hope to finish and release this site soon :)

Breaking Bad for the rest of the night, and then sleep time :) Hopefully I can readjust properly :)

Vacation Day 7 – Mostly over….

Friday, August 26th, 2011 at 3:02 pm

Bourne Supremacy [movie]
Bourne Ultimatum [movie]
King’s Speech [movie]
Grease [movie]
The Professional [movie]
Zodiac [movie]
I slowed down considerably….not being able to dev and fully concentrate on movies…it’s not like photoshop where I mindlessly DO and don’t have to think….
When I dev and watch stuff, I lose myself in thought, missing chunks of minutes in the movie…like walking a distance and not remembering how you got there. And then I have to go back and rewatch stuff. It took like, 6 hours to watch Grease >_< And during King's Speech, I barely deved cuz I was paying so much attention to that awesome movie :) Gamed
Catherine [ps3]
This was one of my goals this vacation too….I spent quite a bit of time on this game during my vacation….I have about 12 hours of gameplay on it, including scenes, etc. That’s also why I haven’t watched/deved much the last few days.
It sucks…the last few days, every time I wanted to work on my website, late at night, by web server would have connection problems…and I’d just be lingering…waiting for it to get better….wondering if i should sleep….try to deal with the problems…bah.

Anyways, I’ve made some good progress….not much tho.
Contact form backend is done…
Slowly working on Portfolio…it was always one of the hardest pages….and time consuming….

Vacation Day 3 – Okay, enough procrastination…

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 at 6:15 am

The Office [show] – S07E13 – S07E26
Source Code
The Fighter
The Bourne Identity

= 10.75~ hours of TV
Sadly, didn’t even touch this today…was working all day on…

…yesterday’s Photoshop project. Anyways, that’s enough art and procrastination for now.

Garden grooming
Tomato picking
Watered plants
Did dishes
Organized storage unit

I work on for sure!
Bourne Supremacy [movie]
Bourne Ultimatum [movie]
Game of Thrones [show]
SweeneyTodd [movie]
Blooded [movie]

Vacation Day 2 – I wish I did more… :/

Monday, August 22nd, 2011 at 7:48 am

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – S01E09 – S01E26 [cartoon] – Finished
Futurama [cartoon] – S06E23
ThunderCats [cartoon] – S01E03 – S01E05
Breaking Bad [show] – S04E06
Futurama [cartoon] – S06E20 – S06E21
The Office [show] – S07E01 – S07E12

35x22m~ (all shows) + 1x50m (BB) = 13.66 hours of shows today lul. That’s a lot of TV….

Tellos – 1-10 [comic]
Turned resume area into XML rather than normal DIVs….figured I should since the format of the information is similar, why not put it in XML? (and the answer – waste of time lol i have other things to do).
Didn’t work on this site much today….instead I was…

…editing an image I liked. I took a picture of a comic cover and I’m basically messing around with the art of it…despite being the cover of a comic, I don’t know if I can post it O_O…we’ll see :)

Anyways, I wanna leave my sharp mind for deving and gaming… I’m just doing this Photoshop things while my mind is tired (late at night). I spent much of the day simply playing DOTA and Counter Strike, while watching stuff…only to get more productive at like, 2am-ish…it’s about 8am now :S I’ve been doing Photoshop stuff for the last 4 hours or so….

Anyways, off to bed :D I <3 staying up late. Like…god, I love it so much :D I get such a thrill being awake and doing stuff while almost everyone is asleep. Like, 99% of the people i know are sleeping….and for a few hours, it’s like only me and that 1% of people awake are in our own little world… :) Ironically, I get no thrill out of being the 1% of people sleeping all day, while everyone else is awake……….