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Warren Shea

Archive for March, 2011

It feels nice to have my life back.

Thursday, March 31st, 2011 at 10:33 pm

I’ve worked all 4 days and nights this week. I’ve been putting in crazy hours that kind of remind me of one of the biggest projects I ever did, around this time a year ago. Usually I leave my personal computer on all the time but I shut it off on Monday and I haven’t turned it on for 3 days in a row. That’s…pretty rare for me. I haven’t been checking twitter or gmail nearly as much as usual, I feel like I haven’t been…living. I thought I was sick this morning but thank goodness I’m not. Hopefully I’ll sleep early tonight and get some more strength back.

I knew I’d be busy these days but it’s more than I wanted…I need to step back from work and do some personal stuff…maybe this weekend, I’ll try to do some stuff for me.

I had a few things I wanted to write about but they escape me at this time. Frig, Z’s watching this weird musical Grey’s Anatomy and it’s really distracting and weird. Like, some kinda dream. Some of the music is good/good choices tho…

I leave you with a new motivated photo with inspiration from this week’s Naruto.

Choji VS Flatulence

Two other things I wanted to write about.


First, I love Swiss Chalet. Usually. I really like their ribs, their chicken sauce, everyone has fond memories of the food. This is not a bashing of the Swiss Chalet product. It’s just that their Twitter is TERRIBLE.
if you go to mySwissChalet, and scan the twitter page, it’s 95% just apologizing to people. I get that they want to be on Twitter…I get that they want to provide a type of social media customer support…but what’s their strategy to this? I go to their page and it’s just an apologizing mess. By not discussing a user’s compliments (and I’m sure there are some), and only trying to rectify a user’s complaints, it really just looks like all they do is put out a bad product. While it doesn’t deter me in buying their products, I do find it a pathetic channel. I even followed them initially for coupons, promotions….but they don’t have any of those. It’s just a waste.

If you haven’t been to the new TD Canada Trust….it’s just one of the most terrible redesigns I’d ever seen. Not just design, functionality.


Oh god, I’m so tired, I can’t finish writing. There’s a rant in here but I’ll just let you decide for yourself. Take a look.

Can I get sued for the 2nd and 3rd image I put up? Defacing of brand? If you think I can, let me know and I’ll take them down. The rules of the internet…and the law….currently escape me, in my sleepiness…
10:30. Seems pretty late. Good night.

Bye bye MSN Messenger?

Monday, March 28th, 2011 at 2:02 am

I don’t sign on to MSN Messenger very often…generally if I go on, I’m invisible to my contacts but I think it’s about time I retire my use of MSN Messenger altogether.

I remember when MSN Messenger first came out…I was still using ICQ, chatting to 2 to 5 to 10 people at a time. I used ICQ so much. And then MSN Messenger came out and I boycotted it…a separate window per conversation? MADNESS !

Though I disliked MSN Messenger, slowly my friends stopped using ICQ…and a chat program is only as good as the people who are on it.

I don’t use Facebook messenger much at all, except to talk to people I can’t talk to thru GTalk or MSN (ex. co-workers). And I find that the 3 or 4 people I might talk to via MSN Messenger, I can talk to through GTalk.

MSN really doesn’t have a use for me anymore…which sucks. I’m the type to save everything. I’m very particular about saving histories, emails…while I cringe at some of the things I’ve written and sent, some of them are very important to my life…and while I would never read them again, I could never delete them. Does that make sense?

Looking back at the chat histories…I associated MSN through 3 emails…
megasigmax [at], shea.warren [at], and warren.shea [at] The former 2 have been retired for years while the latter is my current one.

MSN Messenger was an important part of my life though. It could very well be the reason why Z and I got together (in an almost literal sense, if you never heard the story…). I have 24 (not all of them completely filled) archives of message with Z since 2004. It’s funny that the story of how we met was a rehearsed, practiced and perfected story 7 years ago but I can barely remember it myself now. The dates are all blurry, the facts all hazy. I’m pretty sure she came on to me. Yes, that seems likely (my past, now rewritten in my head).

The only reason I might use it would be for it’s webcam use which is still really good. I still occassionally use MSN Messenger to chat with my bro and his niece and nephew in Ottawa. I only see them a few times a year, in person, so it’s nice to see them through Messenger.

Anyways, I think I’ll message the one friend that I still talk to frequently thru MSN Messenger and tell him it’s over. This phase of our bromantic life is done. “Time to move on!”, I’ll say.
♩♫♪ breaking up is hard enough. (oh, oh, oh, oh)
say you have nothing,
but i called your bluff.
you got my sweaters,
my hat,
i can’t find my cat (meow!)
the hardest part of breaking up,
is getting back your stuff. ♩♫♩

Anyways…yes, I think it’s about time to say goodbye Messenger. It’s been an awesome era, almost spanning a decade, I’m sorry to say bye but…it’s time.

A moo point.

Sunday, March 27th, 2011 at 11:59 pm

Every time I say that something is “moot”, I’m ALWAYS tempted to say that it’s a “moo point”, quoting Joey from Friends.

But how many people would get that joke? While Friends was a big part of my generation and my friends, not everyone will understand it.

Note that I didn’t create the image, I googled “moo point” and it came up.

The best part is that what Joey said makes sense to me too…I think that from now on, I’ll always say “moo point”, regardless of how stupid or incorrect I sound. Yes, I’ll do it for the sh!ts and giggles.

Foggy Dew + TFC game

Saturday, March 26th, 2011 at 11:59 pm

Went to a bar, Foggy Dew, last night with my friends. Had some good chatting, some interesting conversations.

Had a Stella, a Black Velvet (a beer cocktail made from stout beer, often Guinness, and white, sparkling wine, traditionally champagne), and a 1L stein of Hacker Pschorr. Afterwards, I had a sparkling wine…so that’s about 4-5 drinks. Less than Bier Market night but I find my tolerance is much worse when I’m at bars or alone than when I’m at a club. I think that’s always been the case…I’m much better with alcohol when I’m on the dance floor than when it’s quiet and I’m sitting still…

We had some interesting discussions last night, my friends and I. Not quite the deep talk I wanted but some of the conversations were eye openers. It started off with one of my friends asking if it was okay to hit on a girl while she has a boyfriend. Out of the 6 guys there yesterday night, 2 of them had personal experience not only being interested in taken girls (which happens quite frequently I’m sure) but succeeding in breaking up the relationships. Well…one was successful, one was….ultimately successful, after a long, long period of time. Note that I call it “successful” in the sense that my friends had accomplished the goal they set out to do: replace the girl’s existing boyfriend. My friend who was asking the question also asked “wouldn’t you feel guilty if you broke them up?”. While I can see his reasoning, I imagine that the primary goal would be to break the couple up and while you may feel guilty, you wouldn’t feel guilty enough that it would prevent you from doing it. I mean, if I were to break a couple up…and I can think of an instance where I almost did, I either wouldn’t do it, or would do it and wouldn’t feel guilty. I mean, in the situation specific to me, the girl would fight with her boyfriend, break up and get back together repeatedly….she was a great girl and I, despite not knowing anything about the guy, deemed him unworthy of her and felt she could do better….(…with me).

Side story on that…I would talk to his girl a lot, see her for lunch during my co-op term (we worked at different places, but they were right across the street from each other). Anyways, we would trade emails back and forth…and eventually one day, her boyfriend read her emails (not cool)…and then got all jealous and they fought and almost broke up. Some more stuff happened…in the end, it would be her deciding, for the sake of her relationship, that my part in her life would be done. Eventually, the two of us continued to be friends and after the relationship I had worked to destroy…eventually fell apart, as I knew it would. And I would talk to her after and she would tell me how happy she was that she wasn’t with that guy anymore. Anyways, I must say that I was probably a really big factor of why they broke up. And I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty. She’s happily married now, I talk to her like, once a year…but she’s doing well.

Anyways, back to the point…if someone were interested in a taken girl, the intention of doing an improper, but fair deed exists. “All’s fair in love and war”. But the intention is understood, regardless of how guilty you may feel, if you actively pursue this intention, then you are indeed committing a foul act.

I also pointed out that while someone might be interested in a girl, it is completely up to the girl to determine what happens. She could ignore the person infatuated with her and stay loyal to her boyfriend, she could play around with both and determine who to be with, or she could leave her boyfriend for the new guy. In scenario two and three (which occurred with my two friends), while successfully “winning” the girl, I noted that immediately after she has been “won”, she depreciates in value. This is because her trust is no longer spotless and her loyalty is in question for all subsequent relationships.

Anyways…both those relationships, in which my friends broke couples up, didn’t last. 1 year and 3 years. However, one of my other friend’s relationship in which he did that is still going strong at 2 years…

Hm, I just noticed that in all 3 of these situations, let’s say 4 including my own, it was the guy that went after the taken girl. Do girls ever go after taken guys? I would assume it’s less likely based on personal statistics. Guys are more…I dunno, I think in at least 3 of these cases, the guy just didn’t care about the boyfriend of the girl they were interested in. The girl is the only focus, the only goal, the only prize. Not that women are objects!. Just kidding, they totally are. And moments after reading this, all my female readers kick me in the balls.


Got a bit side tracked. Let’s see…after going to the bar, we went to my friend’s loft. I was the last one to leave, staying until just after midnight…I cabbed home, close to puking…but I was okay…I guess. I immediately crawled into bed, I wasn’t in the mood for drunken blogging or even staying awake a moment longer. My head was pounding and I definitely could have puked if I tried. But I was resisting. The point of yesterday night, in my eyes, was actually to drink so much that I’d puke. When I was at my friend’s place, telling them I’d never puked before, like 3 or 4 of them shot up with wide eyes in disbelief. I felt…like a drunken puke virgin. How embarrassing. Anyways…it wouldn’t be fun if you TRIED to puke because that’d be too easy. No, the next time I want to drunken puke, I’ll have to earn it. So I crawled into bed…the alcoholic effects yesterday night were some I haven’t had in a while and don’t usually get anymore. See, when I drink, I get hot. Like, I get red, my skin gets warm. VERY warm. It’s somewhat like a fever, in which my skin is hot but the feeling I have is cold. Very cold. So I was shivering, with double blankets as I slept last night…I fell asleep immediately but woke up very often to…use the restroom. I had already woken up 3 times in the middle of the night so when I woke up the 4th, I looked at the time…it was 4:30am. “That’s it?” I thought. Anyways, I woke up again at 6….this time drinking quite a bit of water before I went back to sleep. The shivers were almost gone but my head was pounding. Woke up again at 8:30…and 9:10…but then slept well, headacheless til 11:30am, when I woke up to get ready for the TFC game. I was really worried that I’d be too hung over or sick or messed up to go to the game. I would hate to bail 2.5 hours before it started.

Eventually, I got myself ready. While I didn’t drink during the game (I was still trying to sober up a bit), I had 1 foot long hot dog, and 1 foot long smoked chili hot dog (cheese, sour cream, and chili). My co-workers (as I got the TFC tickets through work) shouted that “Warren likes to eat big wieners!” as we were sitting around, in the spectators. I didn’t deny it, as I totally inhaled the hot dog. It was very good. And juicy. I just wrote all that to give my co-worker, who reads this blog, a laugh :)

A video of how close my seats were

I took some pictures, but they turned out really weird/ugly. Maybe it was the sun that was out? It’s like the soccer game from a radioactive, apocalyptic future!

Anyways…off to try to do something productive.


Friday, March 25th, 2011 at 12:15 am

I have been sitting in front of WordPress for half an hour 45 minutes about an hour an hour and a half now.

Writing and erasing.

My mind is racing but the words aren’t coming out. Well, they are…but they’re delicate words. Words I can’t share with everybody. So after I write, I erase. And repeat. And repeat.

There are things I want to say…but can’t. I’ve felt bottled up all week. Is “I have emotional blue balls” an expression cuz if not, I’d like to coin it.

Oh fuck, I looked it up on urban dictionary and it’s already got a definition. emotional blueballs. God dammit. At least I still have “Ninja Update”.

I’m really looking for a deep talk. And I have no where to go to or anyone to talk to. When was the last time I had a deep talk? When was the last time I talked about anything real?

I want to hear something I don’t hear everyday. I’m tired of talking about movies. And the weather. And my plans for the weekend. And work. I need something that will challenge my morals, something that is disagreeable (but not religion or politics), something that doesn’t have a right answer. I want to hear about a new relationship or problems that a couple might be having. When all my friends are married or getting married, when all my friends work regularly, when all my friends have lives as dull as mine, when all my friends answer “good” to the question “how’s it going?”, then where can I get my drama? And no, I’m not looking for a dramatic show. No matter how korean and how “it will make me cry” it is.

I need a change. I need to either go out driving alone (it’s too cold to walk around) for a bit or I need to get piss ass drunk with my friends and ignore the problem. Regardless, tomorrow I’m gonna do one of those two things. Maybe both if I get to the kinda drunk that makes me a better driver. ;)

God damn that emotional blueballs definition. Did that ever happen to me? I don’t think so…but the memories of almost emotional blueballs stings a bit. I wish I hadn’t read it…now I’m just angry.

Okay. I’m frustrated. No more writing.


I hope none of the friends I’m seeing tomorrow read this post…”insulting” is not a trait I’d like to have. Well, I mean, unintentional insulting. Intentional insulting is fine…it doesn’t make many friends but it can be hella funny.

Also, I won’t drink and drive. Regardless of how awesome a driver I will become.