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Warren Shea

Archive for May, 2010

ID ten T error.

Monday, May 31st, 2010 at 9:49 pm

Crap. I thought I had booked Wednesday to Friday of this week off. I had expected to only be in the office for 2 days this week. I came in to work today…and realized that I hadn’t hit “Submit” on my vacation request. So my manager never knew about it. And it’s pretty late to ask for 3 days of the week off.

This is definitely user error. I am the user. I will log this under ID ten T…or, ID10T.

Anyways, I had originally wanted these days off to work on my website. This last weekend was the first weekend where I actually felt like I recharged, the first weekend where all I did was stay at home for 48 hours, something I love doing. I’ve been busy and exhausted…not really wanting to DO anything productive…but now that I’m relaxed and recharged…I want to start my productiveness again.

I still have to do the PORTFOLIO section of this site…and fill in the CODING LANGUAGE reference section. After some thinking, I realize that VB is the one constantly tripping me up. That’s the one with the language liberties, the one that is slightly different from the rest, etc. The problem is that I grew up learning VB…even now, I use VB pretty frequently. It’s tough to kick old habits.

I wanna lightbox + hamster some shots in but hamsters a) move too fast and b) might pee or poo on my lovely lightbox. Not sure how to solve that.

I’ve been playing a lot of DOTA lately but I’m thinking I should start LOL.

I think I’ll go work on my site a bit right now…..then i have to do work work tonight from midnight to 3-4am :S


Azureus Rising

Sunday, May 30th, 2010 at 2:58 pm

I came across this video…I thought it was awesome!

Things done right:
1. Blue hair. You gotta have blue hair.
2. The hair is very super saiyan ish
3. Psycho Mantis mask
4. A sword. Real heroes use a sword.
5. Incredible speed. Because speed > all other powers.

Catalyst Theatre’s Frankenstein – Review

Saturday, May 29th, 2010 at 3:33 pm

The Canadian Stage Company
Bluma Appel Theatre
May 3, 2010-May 29, 2010 – Mon to Sat 8pm, Wed 1:30pm, Sat 2pm,

Z and I went to this play yesterday night. We got some (free) tickets courtesy of my co-worker, C. Thanks C! The play was great.

*Spoiler Alerts*
Much like Wicked, when the play started, I thought to myself “argh, this is gonna be a looooong play…”. The play had to win me over….and it did. Immediately after it began…surprise surprise, they started to sing. Yes, this play was a musical. But the music was great, the actor’s voices superb.

The play was eerily creepy…it was very Tim Burtoneque…the makeup, the scenery…it totally reminded me of like, a real life Nightmare before Christmas.

The actors also did this kinda….Joker from the Dark Knight paint to the eyes.

There were only 8 actors and actresses for 2 hours….it was crazy tho, they way they rotate and handle everything, I thought there was like, 20. Everything was so efficiently done!

Anyways, it was definitely worth watching!

Sadly, today is the last day this play is performing :( So odds are, you won’t be able to watch this…

/felt like part of high society for a moment

Anime North: To go or not to go?

Friday, May 28th, 2010 at 10:41 am

I know I looked at admission fees earlier…but I looked at them again today and jeebus! $40 just for admission!?!? that’s crazy!

I’m gonna list out the items I want to buy….and see if I can make that $80 up in discounts/value…$80 because I’d bring Z with me and she doesn’t wanna buy anything…

Hikaru no Go Manga – 19/23 Volumes released
Prince of Tennis Manga – 38/42 Volumes released

Damn, HnG and PoT are both so close to finishing..and they’ll probably have a box set after the whole thing is released (I would think)….maybe I won’t collect those for now….

I doubt I can make $80 of discounts in toys…damn…maybe I won’t go after all…I’ll just go to FanExpo…unless possibly I can score a free admission to AN….I’ll have to check my sources – I mean, friends – I mean, people I use for stuff. Just joking, they’re my friends…really, they are.

It’s that time of the year again…

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010 at 10:45 pm

Let me explain this cake.

1. I absolutely LOVE those Loblaws cakes, the colorful ones with tons of sugar….I absolutely <3 LOVE <3 the flowers. Pure sugar. Now, these cakes aren't really socially acceptable, nor are they meant for adults and they're also as unhealthy as a cake can be. For those reasons, I only get the cake once a year...around my birthday (which is today). This is MY cake.

2. Why does it say Christina? Because…I love that sugar icing so much. So I make them write as many letters as I can. “Christina” is 3 letters more than “Warren”. That’s 3 letters more icing I get for free. Also, by saying a girls name, it’s like I’m getting it for someone so it’s less embarrassing for me (cuz what adult gets those cakes -_-;). But admitting this sentence alone shows how sad this all is. Well, too bad…I do stuff like that.

Anyways…I got this cake over a week and a half ago. I ate it all myself within 3 days. That’s just enough time to love it, tolerate it, and feel sick of it…for another year. Except I don’t really get sick of it, I could eat more right now. Dammit I LOVE THOSE SUGAR FLOWERS.

/something you wish you didn’t know about me