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Warren Shea

Archive for August, 2010

How Chandler escaped.

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 at 11:25 pm

This is my cage. An inescapable prison. Few have dared try…and…well…they actually succeeded pretty easily… :S

Do you see the second row, how it’s slightly larger than the rest? It actually measures a 1.3cm in height while the other rows measure 1.1cm…

and in that 0.2cm of extra space, my hamster Chandler escaped. In this picture, I placed a small wheel up to the cage with Chandler inside. While escape looked seemingly impossible, a few minutes of waiting and Chandler actually fits her tiny head between the 1.3cm of space….and escapes! I really have no idea how to keep her from escaping…except making her a little fatter on purpose but I feel that borderlines animal abuse. Sneaky hammy!


Let me explain why there are 4 wheels. Originally I had 2, a big purple one and a small red one. I wanted to buy another large wheel…and when I was at the store, I wanted a different color than the original purple wheel. So I got a red wheel, not really remembering the small red wheel. When I put the 3 wheels together, it was large red, small red, large purple. My OCD kicked in and I couldn’t stand the 2 reds beside each other…so I bought a small green wheel.

OCD. It isn’t pretty. And sometimes ridiculous…or maybe that’s just me.

UPDATED – SEPT 2, 2010 (90210!)

Phoebe – the sneaky ninja hamster!

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 at 7:53 pm

So…I wake up this morning, huge headache that seemed to continue from the night before. Sleeping past 3 (for work related reasons) didn’t help…

So yeah, I wake up at 9ish…it’s 9:30 and I’m still getting ready, I check on the hamster and one’s missing! I look around a bit…deducing the situation (I kinda felt like Batman)…and then I panicked (not like Batman). I woke Z up and we started looking.

We looked around all the corners, small cracks…started taking everything that was on the floor and moving it to the couch/bed…

I moved the refrigerator, looked under the washer/dryer, looked under the stove…

Started moving the shelves…which sucked because they’re either filled with tons of heavy artbooks…or my toys, carefully placed.

We finally found her, after 1.5 hours of looking. Who knows how long she’d been out!? She went inside a small crack between the wall and an ikea shelf…and stayed in a little hole between the floor and the shelf/books…

I imagine the journey she took was quite interesting. She wandered all around, having fun adventures, meeting talking dust bunnies and eating small dust mites. She met talking socks and seducing cracks in the wall. I bet it was like this…

/no hamsters were harmed in making this picture. a hamster was picked up and forced to be in photographs…but that’s not really “harm”

Does using WordPress mean you’re not a great developer?

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 at 12:38 am

I’m looking at someone’s site and wondering how good her development skill is. I look at the source code…and there are proper DIVs, CLASSes, IDs, a Doctype….it looks good…but I see “wp” and “wordpress” littered throughout the site and I think: How much of this site is done using WordPress as the primary focus of development and how much of this site is done with straight code/the developer’s work.

My site for example, uses WordPress, but there is not a single instance of “wp” or “wordpress” in my code other than
1. Links to other sites using WordPress
2. The WordPress Stats tracker

I use it ONLY for the blogging functionality, not the pages, themes, etc.

Again, this site was built integrating WordPress into my site and code, not the other way around (using WordPress to build a site).

Anyways…looking at this potential web developer, I can’t gauge her strength (in front-end web development skills). Who’s doing the developing? WordPress or her? I know I can’t see server-side code but WordPress is done in PHP…does she know PHP?

Back in the day (yeah, I’m old, what of it?) I could tell a good web developer from their code. But it’s harder now…though not impossible. WordPress has certainly made making websites easier…for the under skilled. But what does it say when a skilled developer uses it? I guess it says “I wanted something easy to use, something that already exists and that I don’t have to build myself”. Which is logical but…if you’re a developer, shouldn’t using a web tool be beneath you? Like if I used FrontPage or Dreamweaver design view to build my site, can I really call myself a web developer? When the tool adds unnecessary, unwanted <p> tags, <span> tags, doesn’t close <ul> and <li>…and if you can’t figure out, through the code, why the page looks good in design view and not on the browser…are you a developer?

I guess what I’m saying is that WordPress makes it harder to judge a person’s skill based on their code.

No real insight there -_-;


Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 at 4:27 pm

i have nothing of interest to report.

I don’t know what happened this month….

Monday, August 23rd, 2010 at 12:47 am

It’s August…23rd right now.
I only have 10 posts this month, that’s like, 1 every 2 days….well below average. I don’t know where the time went this month though! One month ago, I posted 2 galleries. I thought to myself that I would post a new one in the next weekend. And do this and that. But it’s been 3 weekends and I haven’t really….accomplished much at all. This weekend I spent hanging out with friends, next weekend is FanExpo…weekdays are just flying by, I’m spending a lot of time at work or working on stuff at home…

I’m just constantly finding new and exciting way to distract myself from my regular life. And these new things incorporate themselves into my regular life….and become it…and the stuff I really wanna accomplish and do….doesn’t get done.

I really need to FOCUS. Make lists and check them…I dunno. I was sooo…on top of things a few months ago. So organized, so focused on what mattered. And then it just sorta…flew out the window.


What was I doing again?

Plans for this week (subject to change)
Make TO BUY list before Friday.
Withdraw $$

Rest for Friday, sleep early, relax.

Con opens at 2pm, Regular admission at 5pm. Plan: go at 4-4:30…bypass the line, beat the 5pm regular admission people.
Buy lots of stuff. Spends ridiculous amount of money.
Go to parent’s house to sleep. Wake up at 6am to drive them to the airport. Go back to condo. Sleep.

Go to con around 1. Stay til…5 or whatever.
Buy lots of stuff. Spends ridiculous amount of money.

Go to con around 12, stay til whenever.
Buy lots of stuff. Spends ridiculous amount of money.

Relax. Take pics. Post things to site.
Watch Scott Pilgrim (finally >_<) Tuesday: Back to work. Back to life.