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Warren Shea

Accomplishments – January 2012 Edition

Sunday, January 1st, 2012 at 11:59 pm
What I accomplished in December

Shows / Movies
Contagion – Done
Another Earth – Done
50/50 – Done
Die Hard [Rewatched] – Done
The Godfather Part I – Done
The Godfather Part II – Done
Friends S2 – S10 – Done

Books & Manga
Dragon Ball Z Vol 1 – 26 – Done
Bakuman Vol 1 – 2 – Done

Super Mario Kart 7 [3DS] – 100% – Done

Web Development and Design

Built 3 SD Gundam Models. Going to my friend’s boyfriend’s place (who’s a Gundam fan), reinvigorated me to build some models that had been collecting dust. Here are some pics I took of them on my iPhone…(see below)

Too busy socially this month. No more. So tired of going out. Got a small cold a few days after Christmas….and then went clubbing (This is London) on Dec 30, and then a House Party on Dec 31. While sick. ugh. 3 Brewers (a bar) on Dec 22. Went to that sausage house Dec 16. Went to a work holiday party on Dec 9, and then a bar afterwards. Went out for a friend’s birthday on Dec 10. Magic Wok and Go for Tea Dec 2. And 2 family dinners (Z’s and my own). 3 if you could today….which I won’t. Thanks goodness for Facebook Timeline (and Z checking in all the time), and Twitter to help me remember this last month. I should look at that every month, when I try to figure out what I did in the last month.

Seriously, out of the 14 days (of the Fri, Sat, and Suns of this month), I’ve been busy 9 of them. THAT’S TOO MUCH FOR ME. I need a break. I have no social events this month and I want to keep it that way. Maybe one. But that’s it >:(

What I want to accomplish in January

Shows / Movies
Glee S1-S3
Pushing Daisies
Misfits S1-S3
Dawson’s Creek? :P

Books & Manga
Steve Jobs
My “…in two years…” post, a followup to …in one year… post.

Zelda: Skyward Sword

Web Development and Design


I hope to keep up with blogging….there’s a lot I want to write but I’m finding lately I just want to game when I have free time. Also, I’ve been in front of my computer less this month than last…

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