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Anime North loots

Saturday, May 31st, 2014 at 6:41 pm

Click the images for a bigger picture!

For more on the artists,


nayuki-chan (Jenny Liang)

Quirklicious (Drake Tsui)

Total Spent = $309 + $90 (2x$45 admission) = $399 !

…and then I bought a lotta stuff online afterwards >_< I can’t wait til I get a house and can display prints – I’ve been trying to think of building something to display them, so they can rotate if needed.

You win this round, asian bootleg eBay seller

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 at 8:34 pm

I’m trying to buy 2 rare Kotobukiya Bishoujo statues. The last 2 I’m missing.

Unfortunately, it seems most all sellers have decided not to ship to Canada. Apparently, packages shipped to Canada are often lost and the eBay sellers from the US need to refund the money to the buyer in this scenario. Word is catching on to everyone…and it now seems that 1 out of 10 sellers will ship something expensive internationally.

So, when there are 9 of the same item that will only be sold in the US, I can’t buy it.
And when there’s that ONE (out of 10) item that will ship to Canada, I’m bidding against all the other Canadians. So prices go WAY up.

Anyways, I ended up buying a rather expensive statue ($245), somewhat impulsively, given the situation described above. I saw it go online and within 5 minutes, purchased it. I looked at the other guy’s record first though (97%…which is low for eBay but not bad), I looked at the other things he sold and the other feedback. I was decently confident with this seller, so I purchased the item. with $30 shipping, it came out to $275.

2 weeks later, I get my package. And it’s opened. Despite saying it’s brand new in the description.
I don’t really mind this though, as long as the item is in good shape. It’s a rare item, so I’ll forgive it being open. What I can’t forgive is this painting issue:

One of the bracelets is silver, where it should be gold. I talked to Kotobukiya, the manufacturer and they did confirm it was not a legitimate product based on the UPC on the box, and that the “exclusive” sticker on the box was fake (but well done). It’s unfortunate because everything else is perfect quality. I imagine that what I received was a legitimate, but defective product, not a bootleg product.

Anyways, I complained to the seller:

The item I purchased is bootleg (not legitimate). I have contacted Kotobukiya to confirm this. Also, your item was not described correctly. It explains the items is new, unopened but the box was opened when I received it. I demand a refund and I will return this item as per the return policy stated on your product page.

If you do not comply, I will inform eBay and PayPal of your bootlegged product, dispute the charge, and provide you a negative feedback.

– Warren

oh im so sorry.
I mistake condition.actually I named mint but I mistook for new instead of used.
im so sorry for bothering you.
of couse I refund money.

but I would like to inquiry you.
how much do you buy this item?

this item is actually its my mistake.
but if this item is used condition,its very rare item.
I want you to buy this item for 150$

how about it?


I was thinking to myself: what does this mean? Does it mean he expected me to keep the product, while I get my refund, and that he wanted to buy it for $150? In that sense, I could have made a $150 profit. Due to the lack of clarify in the email though, I didn’t want to take the chance…that he meant “I will refund $150 of your money back” because if I agreed, it would hold and I’d be screwed $125. So I clearly wrote:

I will return the item when you refund the price I paid: 245 + 30 (shipping) = $275 Total

– Warren

ok Im so sorry.Its mean of couse for you to get uncomfortabale.
im sorry again.
I try not to do such thing.

Ill pay you immedately.

– sietoron20012012

Anyways, he did seem pretty sincere about it though I bet he knew he was trying to rip me off. He probably assumed I wouldn’t notice or care and then we’d both be happy. Unfortunately, I need this statue for my website/photography so I want a legit version.

I did get my refund immediately but lose the shipping cost it will take to return the item ($40). Sigh.

I would have/could have asked for more money but I didn’t really want to push my luck. To be honest, if he didn’t pay me, there’s nothing I can really do. I can disupute it was eBay or Paypal or whatever…but these asians don’t care/won’t get affected. They close shop and re-open shop with a different name a day later. The guy only had 33-person rating on eBay so it wasn’t like he was established. I’m actually pretty pleased to get my $275 back, even if I still had to pay $40 for nothing. Better to cut my losses.

I’m done with this way of things. I talked to some co-workers. I set up this service ( in which I ship packages to Niagara Falls, NY. A company keeps the packages and then I can go pick them up for $6 per package. The real issue is driving to Niagara Falls (1.5 hour drive, 3 hours there and back) and the gas it cost. Still, the discount I get for not having to compete with all these damn Canadian buyers makes up for the difference.

So in 2 weeks or so, I’ll go to the US one weekend to pick up my package :) It’s about $200 less than other competing offers have been so I’m quite happy :) Once I get that, I’m only missing one statue and I got them all! ^______________________^

FanExpo 2012

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012 at 2:15 am

FanExpo 2012 was a disappointment for me.

09:45 – 11:00 – I waited 1 hour, 15 minutes to buy tickets.
11:00 – 01:00 – The 3 statues I was hoping to purchase were no where in sight. 2 hours of looking, multiple passes through the vendors and I was just disappointed. Looks like I wasn’t going to get them (and that was the reason I went to FanExpo)
01:00 – 02:00 – Looking for the comics I hadn’t purchased in the last few weeks.
02:00 – 03:30 – Looking though the artist alley
03:30 – went home

Not including the comics, because those were things I would have purchased had I not gone to the con, I spent
$30 – Admission
$40 – Artbook
$40 – Prints
$14 – Little…Zelda mints and 8-bit..bead…things
Total: $124
Not bad considering I spent 10x that amount 2 years ago (seriously).

Anyways, to satisfy my reader (singular), here is my FanExpo loot:

$40 – Artbook
Honestly, for $40, this artbook was an awesome deal. Compared to the pricing of other artists, this is QUALITY, wrapped in an inexpensive book.

The artist, Daxiong was super nice and when he signed my book, he also painted a quick sketch (I’m talking, 45 seconds or something!).

Seriously, this guy’s artbook and art was the highlight of the convention for me this year. I love his stuff…and that’s why I bought 5 other prints (see below)

$40 – Beautiful aren’t they? I couldn’t resist. I’m thinking these will go great behind my Kotobukiya statue shots.



So that’s it. Not too much this time…

I will likely go to FanExpo next year but I am FOR SURE going to go the first day, when it’s less busy. I’m done with Friday and Saturday/Sunday crowds. It’s just too much to bear.

/off to bed, must sleep before i die

Niagara Trip

Thursday, July 12th, 2012 at 1:15 am

Friday July 6
Arrived at Wyndham Garden in the afternoon. Wyndham + Garden always makes me think of “Gundam” >_< We lucked out because we booked a Deluxe 2 Queen Bedroom....however, they made a mistake and we ended up getting the Super Deluxe or Family Deluxe 2 Queen Bedroom. Basically, we got an upgraded room...for free cuz of their mistake. This room had an extra living room with a TV, a microwave, and a breakfast table. The regular deluxe would have just had 1 TV, and a refrigerator. Here are some pix

Breakfast Table

Living Room

Bedroom…these pics are actually the night after Z and I slept in them

Although the pic has the 2 bed apart, we actually pushed the 2 beds together for the night. So we ended up sleeping on 2 Queen Sized beds, pushed together. The biggest bed I’ve ever been on, I stretched out as much as I could and no part of me went over the side. It was awesome!

We spent the night doing some touristy stuff, we walked by Niagara Falls around 10PM and we saw this beautiful fireworks show.

(not a stock photo)

We visited their crappy wax museum and went to some Dave and Buster type places…

We also went on this giant ferris wheel called the sky wheel. I got on thinking nothing of it. As I started to go up, I remember just how ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED I AM OF HEIGHTS. I was like, clinging to the chair asking myself “what was I thinking doing this?”. My imagination always starts to run off with me…what if we get stuck, what if the carriage I’m in breaks off…

Pics from the skywheel…unfortunately, the landscape shots didn’t come out great cuz it was night, and so dark. So this is the minigolf course just below the skywheel

Saturday July 7
We went to Perkin’s restaurant for breakfast. It was really good and cheap, WAY BETTER THAN IHOP.

Afterwards, we went to a chocolate factory for a small tour. And after that, we visited some wineries.

Unfortunately, on our way to one of the wineries, the Google Maps/GPS told us to go on this unfinished road. We turned on it thinking it’d turn into an actual road….and it just turned into MUD.

This is a pic…of me doing a 3 point turn, in the middle of nowhere

What REALLY sucked is that….there was all this mud on OUR NEW CAR :( I was so upset!
I ended up getting TWO car washes on Sunday to get it cleaned….spent like, $25 :S

We went to Peller Estates Winery which was huge and very touristy. The wine tour we had was great, the lady talking about wine told us all about WINE, which was different than usual guides talking about their individual wine products. So we learned a lot!

Peller Estates Winery

We ate dinner at Outback Steakhouse…and then went back to the Dino Golf Course to do 18 holes, followed by the skyweel again, this time during the sunset.

We ended up staying at a Motel-6 this night. It was…….not nearly as nice as the Wyndham Garden. We wanted to go cheap cuz we wanted to save money…for shopping :)

Motel 6 Sheets!

Boy was it cheap. I don’t think I’d ever to a super cheap motel again. While guys can tough it out, girls do NOT like it :S

Sunday July 8
Spent most of the day going to a few malls in the US.
I bought 3 $10 t-shirts, 1 $45 Banana Republic shirt…which I got 50% off. And $57 Nike shoes. What’s awesome is that tax is so low, the shoes were only $54…$3 tax. $3!!!

We also hit up Walmart and Target…

And got all these US foods/flavors that don’t exist here in Canada.

Night Sunday July 8
There were 4 really bad things that happened to us this night.

  1. We got hit with customs. Our guy was really tight and we ended up getting 13% dinged on the $260 we bought. Our friend, who bought $200 worth of stuff…got away paying nothing. So unlucky.
  2. Through no fault of our own, we realized that some of the wine we purchased had been forgotten in our friend’s car…all day. Wine must be kept in cool conditions or it will spoil. Guess what 24 hours in the trunk of a car did? Yep. We opened up the wine we bought and it was vinegar. $100 (2x$50 bottles) absolutely wasted. Sighhhhhhh. T___________________T
  3. I was on the 401 and we were running low on gas. Like, 1 bar. Something happened with the car (I shifted it into TOO low of a gear) and the car slowed down like crazy…but I didn’t know why, and thought it was that we ran out of gas. I pulled onto the emergency side and coasted downhill, on the 401, in neutral, thinking our car was out of gas. That wasn’t it, and I was able to regain my bearings and drive off. Still, I was completely rattled afterwards…but I still had to drive home because Z can’t drive manual yet.
  4. As Z and I are heading up the elevator, to our condo, all we can think is “what else can go wrong tonight?”. We step into our condo and the first thing I check is if my hamster, Monica, is still alive. SURPRISE SURPRISE she’s not in her cage O_______O. As we start to wonder…what happened, we see these little dust bunnies on our kitchen floor. Um, those weren’t there before. We also go to the washroom and notice one corner of it is littered with hamster poo and like…just a big mess of tiny stuff.

    We start to realize that it’s been 2.5 days since we’ve been gone. The hamster, having no food or water, has likely crawled into some corner…and died. Ugh. Just what we want to do, come home from a 3 day trip, at midnight, and start looking for a dead hamster. Or, in worse case scenario, not find it and start to smell it days later.

    As Z and I start to lift everything on the ground onto the bed, Z sees her. Monica…just crawling out of a corner…like it’s no biggie, looking all cute and curious. Meanwhile Z is freaking “OMG OMG OMG I SEE HER THERE SHE IS OMG OMG”

    So I take her and put her back in her cage. She goes to the water and literally drinks water for 5 minutes.

    We’re still wondering: How did she survive for 2.5 days?

    As I start to clean up little hamster poos and messes, I see these small red beans in her “nest”. Red beans? Where did she get these? It turns out that about 2 years ago, Z spilt some red beans all over the kitchen floor. Although we cleaned all of them that we could in sight, some must have gone under the stove. This is why we saw all these dust bunnies on the kitchen floor. Monica had gone under the stove to get these red beans, while dust bunnies attached to her. As she went back to her “nest”, they fell off. She must have taken about 4 or 5 red beans to her nest.

    It was quite incredible. And absolutely hilarious that Z spilling red beans TWO YEARS ago is probably the reason the hamster didn’t die of starvation.

    Anyways, all is well and good. Monica is back in her cage. I’ve cleaned two spots that had hamster poo. I pray there aren’t more…but WHO KNOWS >_< Ick.

  5. Niagara was fun. I think Z and I are going to go back to the US in Sept or something to do some more shopping. :) Excited!

One of many Addictions: Video Game Guide Books

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 at 3:16 am

I won’t lie. I have a weak willpower. It’s the thing that makes me think “I’ll just have a little Bacon on that Double Cheeseburger” instead of “Salad is the way to go”.
I’m not weak willed but I’ve definitely got a highly addictive personality.

I’ve collected Books (Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes), Comics (16 large boxes, having collected comics for over 10 years), Manga (DBZ, Naruto, Death Note, Neon Genesis Evangelion), Magazines (PSN, Wizard), Artbooks (maybe I’ll do another post on these), Toys (RAH DX Gundam Seed toys, Adam Hughes DC Statues, Jim Lee’s DC Universe Online Statues, and most recently Marvel and DC’s Kotobukiya line) and finally: Video Game Guides.

Now, that’s not to say I buy them all. No, far from it. But when I see a guide to a game that I know I might play, as opposed to one I do or have played, I have to have it. Even more so, if there’s a collector’s edition: I have to have it. And I have to have it new. Yes, I’m weak like that.

Today, I had some time to kill so I went to Indigo. A hundred and something dollars later, I have these 3 books:

My reasoning for each book:
Batman Arkham City Collector’s Edition Guide because: I have the Batman: Arkham Asylum Guide and EVENTUALLY, I plan to play this game.
Zelda: Skyward Sword Collector’s Edition Guide because: Given the buzz around the game, maybe eventually I’ll play it. Also, I have another guide like it….(see below)
And finally a Super Mario 3D Land Guide because: I don’t know, I’ve finished the game and gotten all the gold medals…there’s very little this guide can tell me.
(in fact, after reading the guide, I realize I’m not done the game..I have 4/5 stars. The last star involves reaching the top of EVERY flagpole AND beating every level with Luigi…currently, after 1 day, I’m on World 3…again >_<). Anyways, I'm stupid in the way of buying guidebooks and games. Even worse, Collector's Editions always really screw me over. I have a Collector's Edition DC Universe Online [PC], BlazBlue [PS3], Gran Turismo 5 [PS3], Catherine [PS3], Marvel VS Capcom 3 [PS3], Street Fighter 4 [PS3]....AND a Final Fantasy XIII [PS3] and Metal Gear Solid 4 [PS3]....and those last two both remain sealed still -_-; Another example of my addiction:

Well, I have 2 regular Zelda Guides because Z and I both got one before we moved in together. We have two Twilight Princesses [Wii] and two Wii’s too :) But one of the guides is still shrink wrapped.
And then I have the Collector’s Edition Guide because….well, I wanted that one over the regular one. I just HAD to have it, despite 98% of the content being the same probably. Also, the Collector’s Edition Guide is still shrink wrapped too! (Well, why use that when I have a regular guide to “destroy”).

Click the image above for a larger one

I have tons of Video game Guidebooks, many for games that don’t need one or of which I’ve never/rarely used:
Street Fighter IV, Smash Bros Brawl? Why would I need fighting game guides?

Games I’ve never played, but have guides for: Kingdom Hearts II, Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XII, Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Games I’ve only played for a moment, but got distracted: Super Paper Mario, Metal Gear Solid 3, Zelda: Major’s Mask, Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus, Batman: Arkham Asylum

I will admit that I love guidebooks, even if I don’t use them really. I love looking through them, looking at the art (same reason I buy artbooks), looking at the strategies, even if I may never use them.

I don’t regret buying these guides, but it does seem a bit unnecessary some times. Still, who’s to say what games I could be playing in the future. I played 5 year old New Super Mario Bros. [DS] just last month, I played 10 year old Zelda: Ocarina of Time [N64/3DS] last/this year.

I would much rather buy the guide new, when it’s out than buy an old, damaged guide for a high price. Seriously, a New/Like New Majora’s Mask guide is IMPOSSIBLE to find. Even old beat up guides range from like, $60 to $200. Ridiculous. I was able to get 1 off ebay in horrid condition for $30ish and another one from my local vintage gamestore for a bit more than cover price (that was like finding gold, seriously).

I just wanted to write about game guides, since I bought 3 of them today….and since I haven’t blogged in a while. ANY TYPE OF INSPIRATION WILL DO.