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Warren Shea

Site Updates – no. freaking. wai.

Monday, February 21st, 2011 at 8:59 pm

Last time I did any site updates was Oct 28 apparently. It’s been 4 months (1/3 of a year) -_-;

Let me first explain why there were site updates:

I’m supposed on-call for work today. What this means is that if I get a call to do work, I have to be available to do it. Now, generally on a day like today, where I’m on call, I would wake up at 9am. Check my work email. If all’s good, go back to sleep for 30m or 45m (wake up via alarm) and check my work email again. After waking up at 9am, and then again at 9:30am, I woke up and checked my email and then…

*cold sweat* my home computer freezes (rare for my Windows 7 nowadays). I restart but the thing fails to bypass the boot screen upon restart. I can see the boot screen fine so my graphics card is okay (not like last time :/). Hard Drive failure? CPU overheat? I assume the latter, despite having 6 fans. I open the case and the inside is a dust ball. Usually I clean it before it gets to this state, I must have been lazy lately. Anyways, I turn off the computer, give it a good compressed air + vacuum + cool down rest….restart it and it’s okay. Whew! :D
It’s 10am now….but due to my *cold sweat*, I’m wide awake. Losing a computer is bad enough but since I’m on call, and today’s a holiday, if I couldn’t get my computer working, I might have to go in to work! And my comp would be broken for at least a day or two…anyways, luckily that didn’t happen :)

It’s 10 and I’m awake but still mentally sleepy…I was bored, going through my recently organized bookmarks, and I decided on a whim to update my site (too sleepy to study, must stay quiet as Z’s still asleep, my options for stuff to do were low).

*11 hours pass, more computer cleaning was done, naps, eatings, watching Edward Scissorhands, image resizing and stuff….leads us to now*

So, site updates:

  1. Unsecured my Resume section. Partly because I couldn’t remember my own username/password and had to check my inline code every time I wanted to see it. Partly because I was originally worried that people were stealing the format but now I’m not worried so much about that…
  2. Finally updated my Links section! It’s not perfect, I still want to write blurbs for every site…but…well, I accomplished a lot so far. Go check it out! :D

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