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Warren Shea

When internet handles are no longer kool

Sunday, January 31st, 2010 at 10:39 pm

I’ve been guilty of a number of internet handles that, over time, just aren’t kool anymore

megasigmax – My first handle, a merging of Megaman X and Sigma (the main villain of the series)

megazeroxx – My alt handle, a merging of Megaman X and Zero of the same series. I thought it was an okay alt handle until my friend pointed out that a “mega” “zero” is actually pretty lame. I abandoned the name immediately, humiliated that I didn’t notice the obvious connection. Also, there are 2 “X”s. That’s just 1 short from being pr0n. I also didn’t notice that. Sigh.

azn_prometheus – Prometheus, the villain of the justice league in Grant Morrison’s run. Named after the Greek god, my spin by turning him into an Asian_Greek_god certainly didn’t make a whole lot of sense
(azn_prometheus – my old website from 2002)

ICQN – My deviantart handle ( The idea was to make it like ICON, but the O was a Q, like a comic book chat bubble. Inside the Q, was the ICON. It was a failure because it’s too much like ICQ, which some still remember as one of the first popular instant messaging services. Also, is it ICON or ICQN? and why is there so much emphasis on ICON when it’s ICQN. This boggles even my mind.

This sig is on a Supergirl picture I colored hence the icon of the trademark S and the female symbol.

AEGIS – My Initial D arcade handle. Taken from Gate Keepers anime, this one was the most uncringable.

I’ve finally decided to abandon these childish names, of which I realize I was never particularly good at. My handles are now:

warrenshea or xuehualun (my chinese name)

At least it only took 25 years to learn this. In the next 25 years, I hope to learn:
1. How to put the toilet seat down and
2. Something about women. Anything.

****SIDE STORY****
Shea isn’t really a name of Chinese origin. It’s Irish. The story is that when my father came to Canada, they asked him how to pronounce his last name. My father, poor at English, said “Xue”, similar to Shea. The Americans asked him if “Shea” was okay, probably because they didn’t know how to spell “Xue”. My father agreed that it was okay. I learned later that it was one of his bigger regrets but at the time, it probably didn’t seem like such an important decision (?). I’ve sometimes felt like changing my last name back to Xue, not for heritage reason, but because it would be kool to be Warren Xue. Warren X.

Stranger: “Hello, what’re your name?”
Me: “Call me Mr. X”

WAH so kool !!!

I can sense everyone making a -_-; face and in disbelief at what they just read. I never claimed I wasn’t an idiot.

4 Responses to “When internet handles are no longer kool”

  1. Clint says:

    hahaha…..ooohh warren :)

  2. cookin mama says:

    yes…..”1. how to put the toilet seat down ” is still an issue at home.

  3. Warren Shea says:

    cookin mama: give it 23 more years

  4. Salanth says:

    Hah, toilet seat isn’t an issue at our place!

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