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Warren Shea

It feels nice to have my life back.

Thursday, March 31st, 2011 at 10:33 pm

I’ve worked all 4 days and nights this week. I’ve been putting in crazy hours that kind of remind me of one of the biggest projects I ever did, around this time a year ago. Usually I leave my personal computer on all the time but I shut it off on Monday and I haven’t turned it on for 3 days in a row. That’s…pretty rare for me. I haven’t been checking twitter or gmail nearly as much as usual, I feel like I haven’t been…living. I thought I was sick this morning but thank goodness I’m not. Hopefully I’ll sleep early tonight and get some more strength back.

I knew I’d be busy these days but it’s more than I wanted…I need to step back from work and do some personal stuff…maybe this weekend, I’ll try to do some stuff for me.

I had a few things I wanted to write about but they escape me at this time. Frig, Z’s watching this weird musical Grey’s Anatomy and it’s really distracting and weird. Like, some kinda dream. Some of the music is good/good choices tho…

I leave you with a new motivated photo with inspiration from this week’s Naruto.

Choji VS Flatulence

Two other things I wanted to write about.


First, I love Swiss Chalet. Usually. I really like their ribs, their chicken sauce, everyone has fond memories of the food. This is not a bashing of the Swiss Chalet product. It’s just that their Twitter is TERRIBLE.
if you go to mySwissChalet, and scan the twitter page, it’s 95% just apologizing to people. I get that they want to be on Twitter…I get that they want to provide a type of social media customer support…but what’s their strategy to this? I go to their page and it’s just an apologizing mess. By not discussing a user’s compliments (and I’m sure there are some), and only trying to rectify a user’s complaints, it really just looks like all they do is put out a bad product. While it doesn’t deter me in buying their products, I do find it a pathetic channel. I even followed them initially for coupons, promotions….but they don’t have any of those. It’s just a waste.

If you haven’t been to the new TD Canada Trust….it’s just one of the most terrible redesigns I’d ever seen. Not just design, functionality.


Oh god, I’m so tired, I can’t finish writing. There’s a rant in here but I’ll just let you decide for yourself. Take a look.

Can I get sued for the 2nd and 3rd image I put up? Defacing of brand? If you think I can, let me know and I’ll take them down. The rules of the internet…and the law….currently escape me, in my sleepiness…
10:30. Seems pretty late. Good night.

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  1. Salanth says:

    I’ve got to agree, those are terrible, terrible pages. Bank websites should have a honking big button to help you find the nearest branch, because that’s what most people visit it for. All this confusion! It’s horrible!

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