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Warren Shea

Shot Theory

Sunday, May 29th, 2011 at 3:39 am

I said no drunken blogging tonight via Twitter…but well, I’m not drunk! So this is just…normal blogging :)

Let me explain the shot theory (and I have absolutely no idea if I explained it in a previous post).

When I went to Montreal, 2 weeks ago, my friend was telling me how he doesn’t drink beer. He doesn’t like the taste, he gets headaches and/or sleepy after. Basically, it described me exactly. He told me that he can do shots fine…but not beer. Shocked by this, I decided to test a theory tonight at a friend’s wedding. No beer. Some wine and champagne…but no beer. Just shots.

Let’s see what my tolerance is like when beer isn’t involved. To be honest, I was hoping to get trashed tonight. To earn my drunken puke. I drank whenever everyone else did, without holding back. Everytime I saw people I knew doing shots, I joined in. Unfortunately, even drinking as much as I could (with other people) was a bit of a let down. Overall tonight, I had 4 shots of whiskey…and an undetermined number of these cranberry shots. I would guess about…8 to 10 of them. But they were watered down…so let’s count that as 4 shots. Combine that with the 4 shots of whiskey and that’s 8. Now, as I write this, I feel relatively fine. To be honest, I’ve felt worse drinking 2 beers…but then again, my tolerance has been vastly improving lately. So…well, I dunno but the Shot Theory seemed like a success. It doesn’t seem to affect me like beer does. Though I’ve also done 5-7 Corona’s before, fairly recently, so it’s tough to say. That may have been an isolated, rare incident.

All I know is that I should have done more shots. You don’t just wanna get shots alone…and I honestly ran to the bar every time I saw people I knew doing shots, and tried to get in on it. We’ll have to test my alcohol/shot theory another time. I know that I’ve never had shots like this….never more than 2 or 3 in a night (with the exception of Montreal). It was good times but even trying my best to get smashed, wasn’t good enough. Next time there’s an open bar, I’m gonna shot my ass off.

That was my theme tonight.

Oh yeah…also, I have no idea (and I’m slightly terrified) about going to sleep tonight…I predict I’ll be fine but maybe shots hit me later…I have no idea :S

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