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Warren Shea

Tiny Tower – My tips and tricks

Monday, February 27th, 2012 at 3:03 am

Hey everyone. If you’ve found this post, it means you want to do better at Tiny Tower. Build your floors faster, make more money, etc.
Here are some strategies and tips that I’ve personally found useful. They may or may not work…but again, I think they do.


  • 1 BUX = 2000 coins.

    When you’re not spending BUX on elevators or costumes, you should be saving towards 50 BUX, which you can trade in to the bank for 100,000 coins. Because of this, 1 BUX is effectively 2000 coins.

  • 3 Residential Floors for every 5 Businesses is WRONG

    While you want your businesses to be maxed out (3 people), you do NOT want your Residential Floors to be packed to 5. Having it packed to 5 means one good thing and one less good thing.
    Good thing: if there’s a spot free, there’s a chance that bitizen will move in and earn you 2 bux if their dream job is of a business you have. Just give them the job, and evict them. Easy 4000 coins. The chance you’ll get this becomes greater as your # of businesses increases.
    Less Good thing: if they don’t move in, they tip you. In the iPhone, it’s 2x whatever floor they go to…OR 1 BUX.

  • The VIP Real Estate Bitizen is one of the best.

    Especially late game.

    In my scenario now, if I build a new residential floor every other floor. The odds that it’s 5 spots empty or 4 spots empty is likely. Doing the math,
    If I’m at 40 floors, 20 are businesses, there are 100 businesses so there’s a 1/5 chance I can earn 2 BUX for each bitizen.
    If I’m at 80 floors, 40 are businesses. There are 100 businesses so there’s a 2/5 chance I can earn 2 BUX for each bitizen.
    If I’m at 120 floors, 60 are businesses. There are 100 businesses so there’s a 3/5 chance I can earn 2 BUX for each bitizen.

  • The Pink VIP Big Spender is the worst.

    It increases your money…but not in any noticable way. FAIL.

  • Food Place don’t suck

    “That first item takes a minute to restock and 2 minutes to sell out. I have to watch that thing like a hawk!” was my first impression.
    But at this point I realize that stocking the other 2 items and having that first item run out of stock and restock it is good because: there’s a chance to earn 1 bux every time the place is fully stocked. That means there’s a chance of earning 2000 coins every few minutes. Not bad.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Figure out what your most expensive item (this will come in handy for my next point)

    What to do
    When an item is fully stocked, click on the business, then click the item, then click sell and look at the amount. Click NO and make sure you don’t sell it.
    Right now, my Animation Studio’s 3rd item sells for 90,000! :) Before that, both my Martial Arts 3rd item Black Belt and my Auto Dealer 3rd item Convertible sell for 63,000!

    Why you do it
    This comes in handy below (point 2)

  2. Green Big Spender VIPs always go to : ___(Floor from point 1)___

    What to do
    Figure out what your most expensive item is and keep it in stock for when a GREEN BIG SPENDER comes. Do NOT stock the other 2 items (you want the Big Spender to ONLY buy out your most expensive product, not the other 2 that your business has).

    Why you do it
    Green Big Spenders are a great way to earn a lot of coins without/spending as few BUX as possible. Remember, 1 BUX = 2000 coins to make it worth while so if your item is say, 54000 but it costs you more than 27 BUX to restock it in time, it’s not worth it. But anything less than 27 BUX will make it worth it. Ideally, you don’t have to spend any BUX but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way (and sometimes it does).

  3. Group your similar floors together AND dress the bitizens to match that color

    What to do
    Move your residential floors together. Below your businesses.
    Also, group your similar businesses together.
    All your Food together, all your Service, all your Recreation, all your Retail, all your Creative.

    Finally, ensure all the employees working in these businesses are color coordinated to your business. All the Food people where green, all the Creative people where Orange

    Why you do it
    It makes finding a Bitizen MUCH EASIER. (It’s an easy 2000 coins)
    Thought Process –
    1. Find a bitizen
    2. See what color he’s wearing
    3. Navigate to those stores (all bunched together), you can see 4 stores on 1 screen. See if the bitizen is there. If you’re lazy, just tap all 4 floors. If he’s not found, move to the next floors.
    4. If he’s still not found, scan the Residential floors. This is probably the biggest pain, when it reaches here.

  4. Costumes for your bitizens.

    What to do
    Buy Costumes for your bitizens and dress them according to the business they work in.
    For example, all my Comedy Club employees wear Cat Costumes, because they work at LOLCATS (what I renamed my comedy club).

    Why you do it
    It also makes finding a Bitizen much easier. (It’s an easy 2000 coins)
    Thought Process –
    1. Find a bitizen
    2. See what costume he’s wearing
    3. Navigate directly to that floor. He’s either at this business, or the residential floors.
    4. If he’s not found, scan the Residential floors. Again, this is the biggest pain, but because the bitizen is in costume, it’s a lot easier.

  5. Stock the item depending on how you play

    What to do
    If you check Tiny Tower a lot, say…every 30 minutes, keep the first item stocked, and work your way towards the second and third. Especially right when you wake up in the morning, and the businesses are mostly closed. You want to get them back up and running ASAP.
    If you check Tiny Tower a lot, say…every few hours, stock the last item (unless it takes over 3 hours) and work your way towards the small items. If you’re not checking the game a lot, it’s better to get one of those big stocks, and just let it run while you’re idle.

    Why you do it
    It’s simple. You want to minimize your business downtime.

  6. Don’t waste Construction VIPs

    What to do
    I play so much/make so much money that I’m at the point I can build a floor whenever I want. That is to say, I don’t build floors until I’m out of coins/bux. I always keep a buffer of building a new floor only when my last floor is less than 3 hours away from being constructed. That way, I don’t ever waste a construction worker.

    Why you do it
    There’s no rush building floors. They’ll come if you play ‘properly’. And wasting a VIP Construction Worker is not good.

  7. Keep Residential Floors at the bottom

    What to do
    This only applies if you maintain empty spots in your the Residential Floors. But anyways, keep your Residential Floors together, below your Businesses.

    Why you do it
    If a bitizen goes to your residential floor, and there’s a space, you lose out on the tip because they move in. You’d rather have these floors below the businesses so you actually get tips on the upper floors. If you have 70 floors and they’re distributed evenly between businesses and residential, it’s much better to get a 140 coin tip (cuz they went to the top residential floor and it was the 70th) than a 70 coin tip (cuz they went to the top residential floor and it was the 35th).

  8. That’s it for now. I will update if I discover more.

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