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Warren Shea’s Portfolio – it better be worth it

Monday, February 27th, 2012 at 2:17 am

…I know it’s not.

The point of the portfolio is to show potential employers my work. But there’s a lot about my portfolio site about me already. How much work do they need to see? Do they need to see any?

I spent hours this weekend rummaging all my old work files. 5 years of work files…figuring out what I can put up, what I can’t…looking back at old, bad code…I dunno.

I just wanna have my site done. But I don’t want to have it incomplete. And right now, I’m just trying to complete it. It just happens to be taking FOREVER.


Just a side rant…as I play Tiny Tower.

I just want to be done already :( I want to move on to my next project. Like. Now.

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